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SmartMat Enviro

About Product

SmartMat Enviro is designed to allow water to pass through faster than conventional weedmats. The high flow capabilities mean that water is able to flow through immediately and reach the soil below promoting healthy plants and soil.

SmartMat Enviro needs to be covered.

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SmartMat Enviro


SmartMat Enviro


SmartMat Enviro

SmartMat Enviro is exclusive to Bunnings stores nationwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium is a woven weedmat with a nonwoven fibre backing, which retains moisture and reduces evaporation. Enviro is a nonwoven weedmat that has been hydroponically treated and enables water to pass through more quickly to plant roots.

All weedmats deteriorate in sunlight. While SmartMat is UV treated for longevity, we recommend covering as soon as you lay it with mulch, bark or stones.

Yes, SmartMat Enviro allows air movement.

Yes, SmartMat Enviro allows fast absorption through the hydrophilic treated fabric.


Some retailers don’t sell online, you can view the full list of retailers here.