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Enhance Your WFH Environment

Enhance Your WFH Environment

For many of us, the idea of working from home has become a reality. Whether it’s full or part time, businesses are realising that operations can successfully function with employees working from home. For staff, every day will be ‘bring your pets to work’ day. With no more commuting to and from the office, it’s a great opportunity to make your work environment just the way you want it. You’ll spend more time enjoying your home, so why not make your space work for you?  

Create your ideal workspace. 


Firstly, and most importantly, there’s creating separation between ‘work’ and ‘home’. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a separate room that you can convert into an office, but for many it’s about finding a space to set up, whether that’s in the lounge, dining area or just a nook where you can fit a desk. With such an exposed area, it’s difficult to close yourself off from all the chores and distractions of home life, and when the workday is done, there’s no way to ‘hide’ your workstation. Being reminded of work is the last thing you want when you’re trying to relax at home.  

Strol SmartScreens are a great way to divide spaces inside your home without feeling hemmed in. Designed with classic European or iconic New Zealand motifs, SmartScreens combine transparency with separation. They are designed to give you the sense of privacy within the environment you’re working in, so you can easily transition to a comfortable workspace without getting distracted by being at home, but by being able to see through them, you still feel connected to what’s beyond without being caged in. And when the workday is done, the screens not only hide your work area, but the attractive designs also make great pieces of art, and so become a feature to your home. You could even install two screens to create your own completely private nook. 

 Strol SmartScreens  
  • Create non-permanent separation walls within your home 
  • Help divide spaces 
  • Hide work stations 
  • Create nooks and dedicated work areas 
  • Have various levels of transparency, so you still feel as though you’re working in an open space 
  • Are designed to be pieces of art, so you can incorporate them into your interior design 


 SmartScreens are also great for acting as privacy screens when working outside. With the laptop open under the shade on the outdoor table, you’re able to work in fresh air. It just makes work that much more relaxing. But what shatters that environment is nosey neighbours. You know, those ones who just can’t resist saying hi every time they see you outside, then their life story begins. With SmartScreens, you’ll be able to give a degree of privacy and separation, so you won’t be interrupted when you’re trying to work. After all, working from home still means you’re at work.  

 As an added bonus, SmartScreens are also great for shielding wind and shading you from the sun, helping you create the perfect outdoor environment for you to get your work done. And, at the end of the day, you’ve got a great private space for you to relax and enjoy the weekend. 

SmartScreens come in a range of sizes from 1200mm to 2400mm high. They’re easy to mount onto any wooden frame and can easily be hinged so they swing flat against the wall when not in use. The natural wood finish can also be painted, so if you don’t want the screens to stand out, SmartScreens can easily blend into your home.  

Have fresh food on hand. 

Feeling peckish? Want some fresh cherry tomatoes to put on your home made salad? With GardenStax, you can forget the idea of having to spend lots of money by buying lunch at your work’s local café each day. With your own kitchen at home, it’s easy to grow your own fresh salads, herbs, berries and vegetables. GardenStax is a raised garden system designed to keep gardening to a minimum, while maximising your production, all in the comfort of your own home. Able to be placed on decks, lawns and even apartment balconies, you’ll never go without succulent fresh food again.  


  • Come in a range of sizes 
  • Can be stacked to any height 
  • Can be placed on grass or hard surfaces 
  • Come flat packed, so are easy to install on inner-city apartment balconies 
  • Can be painted any colour 
  • Are much easier to maintain than an outdoor garden 

Plan how you’ll fill your GardenStax raised garden with our GardenStax Planting Planner. We have great suggestions on what to plant during each season.  

GardenStax helps bring the outdoors in. 


If you’re short on space, perhaps you live in a small apartment or are renting a room, a great way to freshen up your work environment is to bring nature in. Plants and flowers work wonders for our mental health. It gives us a sense of being within nature, even though we’re in an enclosed space. With GardenStax, you can easily give your workspace a natural lift. 

If you’re on the ground level with an open window, build the raised garden to a height just below the windowsill. Inside, you can plant flowers or fresh smalling plants, even herbs. As the breeze floats in, you’ll fill your space with the fresh outdoors. It’s also a great way to add natural colour to your workspace.  

For those higher from the ground, GardenStax can be placed on any hard surface. You can easily grow flowers and plants, just remember to line the bottom layer to stop excess water from seeping through. And of course, you want to see flowers, not weeds, so no matter whether you put GardenStax on the balcony or on the ground, line the top layer with WeedMat to prevent unwanted weeds from growing through.

Go natural with PebbleLock.

SmartPave Arctic Water Feature

You’ve replaced the city view for a garden view, but just like getting a room upgrade at a beach resort, why not give your home that holiday feel? The moment you step outside to get some fresh air and a well-earned break, you should feel like you’re stepping away from work. A simple way to do that is to remove those concrete paths, patios or any reminder of being in the city by installing a natural pebbled courtyard or patio. Relax in style with permeable paving. Imagine an area you can use all year round with clean, white pebbles that will always stay dry. With permeable paving, rainwater just passes through and soaks into the soil, meaning your patio and pathways will always remain a relaxing place to be. 

PebbleLock is easy to install. Within a day you could transform your tired, old outdoor area. PebbleLock acts just as a hard surface paver would, but they won’t puddle or sag over time. It’s also great for adding your GardenStax raised garden onto, as any water simply filters through and won’t stain like it might on a wooden deck or concrete. And to finish it off, you could even swap cracked concrete haunches for clean edges with PaveMaster. PaveMaster will help define all your garden edges, whether it’s separating grass, stones or existing pavers. 

PebbleLock Permeable Pavers and PaveMaster will help transform your outdoor space into a relaxing zone where you can gather your thoughts. And when the day is done, instead of sitting in the car for an hour on your way home, just flip open the beach chair and get some sun.  


However you look to transform your ‘work from home’ space, Strol has you covered with a great range of products. Remove the daily stress by making your space exactly the way you want it to be, where the only grind of being at work comes from making another coffee.