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If you’re struggling to get to grips with how much aggregate or product to use, we’ve got two handy calculators that will take the guesswork out of enhancing your landscaped driveways, patios and gardens.


CalcuPave is an ideal companion when you’re building a new permeable paving driveway, patio or pathway. Simply choose what kind of surface you’re using, (grass, gravel or pebbles), then choose the main purpose or your surface, from light pedestrian use to being driven on by heavy trucks.
You’ll be asked for the width and length of the area you’re developing, so make sure you have that handy. Once you’ve added those in, just click ‘calculate’ and CalcuPave will give you specific volumes and quantities of everything you need. Depending on your project, this will include the pavers, drainage aggregate, crusher dust, geotextile and volumes of the surface material you chose, as well as an estimated price, based on average prices from landscape aggregate suppliers. If you’ve been quoted a price, you can add these figures in, giving you a more accurate value.
NOTE: If the area you are developing is an irregular shape, or there are lots of different areas, you can either add those areas together to create one overall value, or input them separately so you know what needs to go where.
surepave for grass

GardenStax Planting planner

The GardenStax Planting Planner is perfect for working out how much space you’ll need when adding your favourite herbs, vegetables, salads or berries to your GardenStax raised gardens. We’ve got an array of choices for all seasons, all you need to do is work out what will work best in the space you have available.
If you already have a raised garden installed, open the planting planner, choose the size of your GardenStax raised garden, then select what you want to grow. GardenStax Planting Planner will show you how many seedlings you’ll need to fill that space, or if you want to add other things in the same raised garden, it will show you how much space each plant needs, as well as suggestions for what grows well with your chosen plant. Some plants don’t grow well together, so we’ve added advice about that, as well various other tips for planting.
Alternatively, if you’re looking to grow your own food but haven’t yet bought your GardenStax raised garden, you can use the planner to help decide what the right size is for you.
gardenstax square metre gardening