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Renovate with Strol landscaping solutions

Renovate with Strol landscaping solutions
Renovate and revitalise your home with Strol.

Finding your dream home in the ideal location can be an impossible task, but sometimes it’s just a matter of changing perspective. There’ll be a number of things you enjoy about your current home, but there are DIY ways to change the things you don’t. It just takes a bit of TLC, knowing that great changes aren’t that hard to make. Whether it’s landscaping, raising property value or just avoiding moving house, Strol is here to help with ideas for turning your current property into your dream home, because as the song goes – “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

Permeable Paving 

Permeable Paving- Patio

One of the biggest changes you can make to the immediate look to your property is upgrading paths, patios and driveways. Say goodbye to potholes, areas where water pools and washed-out edges of your garden when it rains, give your home a sense of luxury. Mimic that favourite holiday you took to the islands or those luxurious, pebbled chateau driveways you’ve seen in France. Permeable Paving not only delivers a beautiful, natural aesthetic finish, it functions in multiple ways to enhance water runoff, saturation and stability of the outdoor areas that get the most traffic. With Permeable Paving, you’ll be able to enjoy all aspects of your home in each season.

Strol Permeable Pavers come in a range of easy-to-install, 100% recyclable plastic panels. Filled with grass, gravel or decorative stone and installed with geotextile beneath the aggregate layers, they form a solid platform that won’t erode, all while allowing excess water to pass through and filter evenly into your garden. Cars won’t create ruts. They’re stable enough to walk on, even in high heels, and the kids can ride their bike over them right after it’s rained. Plus, they’re easy to maintain. Loose stones simply get brushed back into place, and they’ll always remain stable and flat.


new modern home with private garden and terrace

With functional, natural pathways now leading around your home, why not create separate spaces like BBQ areas or private dinner patios by installing our beautifully designed, kiwi icon inspired SmartScreen. Available in black, cedar or rusted steel, Strol SmartScreen give you a sense of privacy without entirely blocking your view. Ranging from 600mm to 2400mm high, they’re great for sunshades or deflecting wind, or just creating ‘walls’ within your patio areas without making the area feel blocked in. The wall mounts make them super easy to install, and they even make great artworks for specific areas within the house. Use them to hide unsightly items like rubbish bins or create an outdoor shower. The uses are only limited by your own desires, but however you choose to use them, Strol SmartScreen will give a unique feel to your home.



Another great way of directing flow around your home is to build landscaped areas using SureWall retaining walls. Design your ultimate garden zones by raising flat lawn levels or getting better use of steep banks by creating usable land. The SureWall slide together retaining system creates walls up to 1m high that incorporates corners and soft curves. You could raise an area of your garden to catch the afternoon sun, or even flatten off the lawn to give the kids a stable area to put the trampoline.

Ideal for low-height retaining walls, SureWall is easy to install. Anyone can do it, there’s no need to get a builder in, which makes it a perfect way to manage the contours of your land, giving maximum benefit and flexibility of use. For a quick overview on the installation process, check out our installation guide.



Now that you’ve created your favourite places to relax, the last thing you want to do is look out over your garden and see weeds growing in the pristine areas you’ve just built. Strol offers a range of WeedMat solutions, ideal for all sorts of soil conditions. Preventing weeds from growing not only means your garden looks clean, but weeds prevent growth of other plants. They absorb nutrients that trees and flowers would normally consume, so by preventing their growth altogether, you’ll reduce your own workload as well as keep the plants you do want nice and healthy.

See our range of Fabrics and Accessories to get an idea of what will work best for your outdoor area. You may have rocks within your garden, so a tough, hard-wearing solution like Landscape Pro 120 might be right for you. Perhaps you have dry conditions, so preventing moisture from evaporating from the soil by using WeedStop High Water Retention Fabric might be ideal. Whatever you choose, you can now relax and enjoy the garden rather than working on it.

Though most of our WeedMat solutions are UV stabilised, we do suggest covering them with mulch or bark as soon as they’re installed. If you’re looking to stabilise soil while waiting for new plants to establish, check out our biodegradable BioJute or Coconut Matting options.



Of course, if you don’t have a large garden area that you can redevelop into your dream location, or if you’re looking for an easier-to-manage solution, GardenStax Raised Gardens can easily transform an area into a fruitful, productive garden where you can grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruits. Create a stable area using Permeable Paving and place your GardenStax garden where you can access it all year round. Alternatively, create a greenhouse with a series of raised garden beds with permeable flooring in an unused corner of the garden and really provide for the family.

If you truly want to be proud of where you live, take the time to look at ways to improve your surrounds. If it’s your forever home, tailor the design to your personal taste. If you’re looking to improve market value, make your landscape function in ways that go beyond aesthetic beauty.

Improving where you live isn’t just about buying a better property. With the Strol range of innovative landscaping solutions, you’ll discover cost-effective opportunities to create your dream home.