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Landscape Pro 120

Landscape Pro 120

About Product

Landscape Pro 120 is a tough, hard wearing and long-lasting solution to preventing weeds from growing in your garden. It has strong tensile strength, meaning it can take the punishment of being used under heavy, sharp stones. Most weed mats are thin and do the job for a limited period of time, but Landscape Pro’s 120gsm fabric creates a better, stronger, more durable product that is highly permeable, meaning it allows water to seep through faster, so your soil won’t sour. 

This premium grade, needle-punched Polypropylene fabric comes in two lengths – 1mx10m and 1mx20m- which makes it easier to calculate how much fabric you’ll need compared to most ‘3 foot wide’ products. And even though its thicker and more hard wearing, it’s still easy to work with and cut, making it ideal for larger, more commercially based projects as well as around your home. 

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Most weed mats are thin, and will, over time, break apart due to pressure of the surface above, eventually letting weeds through. By using a thicker, more permeable fabric, you’ll extend the life of your weed mat and help nourish your garden.
Landscape Pro’s 120gsm weight gives it greater permeability and higher tensile strength.





Landscape Pro


Landscape Pro

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