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SurePave Permeable Paving for Driveways: Enhancing Beachfront Living

SurePave Permeable Paving for Driveways: Enhancing Beachfront Living

We all dream of owning a beachfront property. That idea of feeling like you’re on holiday the moment you step outside your front door, but maintaining that dream presents its own unique challenges, especially when it comes to driveways. SurePave permeable paving panels offer a durable, eco-friendly solution that will bring the beach much closer to home. In this blog, we’ll explore how SurePave transforms beachside driveways, blending functionality with coastal aesthetics. 


The challenge with Beachfront driveways

More often than not, a simple bach will be placed on softer, sand-filled soil. That’s great for being free draining, but it won’t take the punishment of having cars and Utes driving over them throughout the year. Ruts will form, the driveway gets scoured out, water will pool where it’s not wanted, and if you’re away for the winter, you’re likely to return to a driveway that has deteriorated over the rainy months.


Introducing SurePave: A sustainable solution for beach front driveways

SurePave is a tough, UV resistant, permeable paving panel. It rests just beneath the surface material, using gravel lock technology to lock that material in place, all while allowing heavy rainfall to evenly disperse through to the drainage aggregate below. SurePave panels can handle the weight of heavy vehicle use, which means tyres won’t sink into the soil and gauge out ruts and tyre tracks.

SurePave is an eco-friendly alternative to asphalt or concrete. SurePave uses natural surface materials such as pebbles, stones or grass, all while giving the same support as a traditional hard surface. By using SurePave, you can create natural looking paths and driveways that blend into the surrounding garden.


They’re also far easier to maintain. There’s not much you can do if concrete gets cracked or chipped, and it’s difficult and costly to move if your landscape design changes. With SurePave, pebbles and stones can simply be brushed back into place, and should you want to change the layout of your driveway, it’s no trouble to simply remove the surface layer, lift out each panel you want to shift and place them within your new design.

Water also soaks through the pavers and is dispersed back into your garden. With traditional hard surfaces, excess water simply runs off, scouring the edges of your driveway. With SurePave, you allow that water to soak naturally into the soil, which will then feed back into your garden, helping to keep your plants healthy. This will also relieve pressure on local stormwater systems.


Stylish & Practical: Permeable Paving Solutions

As SurePave panels are versatile enough to allow the use of multiple surface materials, you can blend your driveway into the look and feel of the area you’re in. They’re ideal for supporting gravel or decorative stone, whether that’s a pure, white-washed pebble to keep a clean, fresh look, a grey or blue mix to mimic the sky or ocean, or even a golden, warm-tone pebble to match the surrounding dunes and sand. If you’d prefer to retain that bach feel of a fully grassed lawn, soil can be used instead of pebbles with grass seed sewn in. Tyres won’t bury in the sand, as the grass will simply grow over the pavers. SurePave supports the vehicles, not the soil, but it also protects the grass roots, so they won’t be torn up as vehicles drive over. Now, when friends come to stay, you will always have a well-maintained, rut-free driveway that looks great all the time.

While SurePave is perfect for driveways with heavy vehicle use, you can also use it to create parking areas, pathways and steps around your property. If you have an area you’d like to park a caravan or a boat, SurePave will support and distribute that weight, so you won’t end up with hollows on the lawn when you leave. Perhaps there’s an area you’d like to put a spa pool. Just level off the space, lay SurePave with decorative stone over a drainage aggregate foundation and place your spa pool on top. You can easily create a pathway to the house or outdoor shower, so your feet never get dirty when entering the pool.


Revolutionising Coastal Landscapes: The SurePave Success Story at Waikanae Beach

Nestled along the Kapiti Coast near the picturesque shores of Waikanae Beach, Dave and Tessa’s beach house offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Their driveway, however, wasn’t holding up to the challenge. Built on sandy soil, the grassed area was bearing the brunt of vehicle traffic, with rainfall and erosion leaving behind unsightly ruts and tyre marks. Eager to find a sustainable solution, Dave and Tessa turned to SurePave permeable pavers, hoping to revive and reinforce their driveway while maintaining the natural beauty of their beachside retreat.

Before SurePave Driveway

SurePave: Winning the Battle Against Coastal Erosion

Dave and Tessa faced a common issue plaguing beachfront properties – a driveway succumbing to the relentless forces of nature. The unstable soil beneath their driveway couldn’t withstand the weight of cars and rainfall, resulting in erosion, rut formation, and an unsightly appearance. The once-charming approach to their beach house had turned into a patchy, uneven eyesore that needed urgent attention, so they turned to SurePave as an innovative solution to their problem.

“We found SurePave super easy to install,” Dave exclaimed, reflecting on the transformation. “It was a DIY dream compared to the headaches of constantly trying to fix up our old driveway.”

SurePave Beach Driveway Installation

SurePave permeable pavers helped their driveway cope with environmental stressors and the weight of Utes and cars, transforming their driveway into a flat, and permeable surface. By creating a stable platform, they allowed excess rainwater to infiltrate the ground, preventing runoff and minimizing erosion, ultimately protecting their driveway and garden.

“It was easy to lay down, even with putting geotextile first, and it’s really easy to maintain,” Tessa said. The success of SurePave lies in its unique design and material composition. The permeable pavers are engineered to distribute weight evenly, preventing ruts from forming. Moreover, the permeability of the pavers ensures efficient water drainage, reducing the risk of erosion and maintaining the integrity of the driveway.

SurePave Beach Driveway Finished

Permeable Paving Solutions for Lasting Landscapes

With a usable driveway that’s not impacting their lawn, Dave and Tessa are now able to create further designs around their gardens. “We can park cars on there and not worry when it rains,” Dave added, highlighting the practicality of their new driveway. Today, as you approach Dave and Tessa’s beach house, the once-troubled driveway tells a more inviting story. SurePave has transformed it into a functional masterpiece, offering stability, permeability, and an aesthetic appeal that complements the coastal landscape. Dave and Tessa now enjoy a driveway that not only withstands the elements but also enhances the overall beauty of their beachside haven.

SurePave Beach Driveway Finished

As the sun sets over Waikanae Beach, their driveway stands as a testament to the successful marriage of innovation and nature, showcasing how SurePave has created a harmonious blend of form and function.