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Customer Spotlight: Waterfall Park SurePave Project

Customer Spotlight: Waterfall Park SurePave Project

Nestled between Lake Hayes and Arrowtown, Waterfall Park is a revitalisation project that will see the transformation of several heritage buildings and the surrounding landscape into a world class luxury destination that will include accommodation, several restaurants, a chapel, event spaces, a day spa and a wellness retreat. It sits alongside Mill Creek at the convergence of three pristine golf courses and renowned bike trails.

To help create the luxurious atmosphere and sense of grandeur when entering Waterfall Park, developers Winton desired the sound of pebbles underfoot, opting for the crunch of pure, white stone as cars, campervans and buses entered the premises. With the type of vehicles expected quite often bearing heavy loads, the entire pebbled entranceway and carpark area had to be stabilised to make sure the pebbles stayed stable, dry and locked in place even under the pressure of turning traffic and heavy rain.

To achieve this, Winton turned to SurePave.

SurePave is a permeable paving solution.
  • It is designed for highly stressed areas such as commercial parking bays, turning areas and driveways.
  • It can be filled with grass, pebbles or gravel.
  • It’s porous and free draining, so excess water filters through, keeping the surface area dry.

Arrowtown, waterfall park- Strol SurePave

In this instance, to achieve the look Waterfall Park desired, white pebbles were imported and washed before being installed. This blended in with the stone finish of several historic buildings as well as new, stone pathways winding through the complex.

Benefits of SurePave at Waterfall Park:

SurePave maintains a flat, stable and dry surface. This meant that the entrance to Waterfall Park, the car park areas and pathways in between would always remain usable, no matter the weather. And because SurePave is permeable, water that would normally rush off from traditional hard surfaces like concrete actually feeds back into the surrounding soil, which helps maintain healthy plant growth.

With many curves, corners and edges to work around on pathways and gardens, SurePave made installation easy. SurePave panels:

  • can be cut with a circular saw or handsaw.
  • clip together, locking themselves in place.

SurePave- Arrowtown

Another great aspect for Waterfall Park is the ease with which SurePave can be maintained. While pebbles are locked in place, any surface stones that do spread around over time by heavy vehicle use can simply be swept back into place using a hard-bristled broom. Leaves can also be easily removed by brushing or blowing them aside.

By using SurePave, Winton were able to create beautiful, natural, hard wearing and commercially viable driveways, parking areas, turning bays and pathways that blended seamlessly into their architecturally designed surrounds. SurePave helped Waterfall Park become an even more environmentally responsible project, and prevented dirty water runoff from entering Mill Creek.


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