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WeedStop High Water Retention

About Product

WeedStop High Water Retention is a 170gsm woven weedmat with a non-woven fibre backing. Having a fibre backing retains the moisture within the weedmat and reduces evaporation, making WeedStop High Water Retention perfect for lining plants.

While WeedStop High Water Retention is UV treated, we recommend you cover it with stones, bark, or mulch for longevity.

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WeedStop High Water Retention


WeedStop High Water Retention


WeedStop High Water Retention

Frequently Asked Questions

Water retention is a woven weedmat with a nonwoven fibre backing, which retains more moisture and reduces evaporation. High Absorption is a nonwoven weedmat that has been hydrophilically treated, which aids permeability and enables water to pass through more quickly to plant roots.

All weedmats deteriorate in sunlight. While Weedstop is UV treated for longevity, we recommend covering as soon as you lay it with mulch, bark or stones.

When installing the Weedstop High Water Retention Weedmat, you lay the fibre (or fluffy) side facing the ground. Unless you are installing on a slope, you can lay the fibre side up to help hold the mulch or bark in place.

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