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Retain Garden Moisture with a Fibre Matting

Retain Garden Moisture with a Fibre Matting

The unrelenting heat of summer can really suck the life out of your plants, causing them to dry up and curl over. When there isn’t enough moisture in the soil surrounding plants roots, they can end up dying unless you water them daily. You can save time and money by avoiding this costly, time consuming method.

Retain Garden Moisture

Interestingly, coconut fibres prove to be the toughest amongst natural fibres, and some of the most absorbent. Not only do coconut fibres absorb and retain water when directly applied to it, but it also draws in moisture from the air, providing a self-sustaining moisture rich environment for your plants in all climates.

Coconut matting is used in the same way as weedmat, applied on the surface of prepared soil before planting. With its fiberous woven properties, coconut matting allows for plants to grow.

Traditional, synthetic products are old news and there are many advantages to choosing coconut matting instead. The ability to promote the growth of the surrounding vegetation, being aesthetically pleasing and its biodegradable fibres.

You are not only are you looking after the environment when you choose coconut fibre matting, you’re giving back to your plants and providing them with the nutrients they need to grow.


Interested in a coconut fibre, biodegradable ground cover for your garden? Take a look at our Coconut Matting.

Fasten Coconut Matting to the ground using Strol Weedmat Pins or SquarePegs. This ensures that the matting doesn’t folds over or blow away in harsh weather conditions.