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SureFlex Grass Protection and Staples HD

About Product

If you have grassed areas at home or on your commercial property that keeps getting ruined due to high foot traffic or light vehicle use, SureFlex 1400 is a cost-effective, easy to install solution. You won’t have to dig up your old lawn, simply mow it short, place the SureFlex mesh over the top, pin it down using SureFlex pins and let the grass grow through. Overtime, SureFlex will become part of the lawn, protecting and strengthening the root area while preventing tyres and feet from gauging out your soil, even when it’s wet.

SureFlex 1400 can be used on slopes for pedestrian and wheelchair access. Other great uses include overflow car parks, event or emergency access, caravan parks and bays, around clothes lines or garden paths, or just use it to create the perfect pitch for a bit of backyard cricket.

SureFlex can easily be cut to any shape with a saw or sharp knife. If carefully removed and stored, SureFlex can also be reused, making it ideal for any temporary requirements. Whatever your grass stabilising needs, SureFlex mesh is the no-fuss solution to keeping your lawns in pristine condition.

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SureFlex 1400

1m x 10m (10m2)

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Sureflex Staples HD 100ctn

235mm x 155mm x 105mm

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SureFlex Data Sheet

December 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

SureFlex is a three-dimensional, polymer mesh designed to reinforce grassed surfaces and create trafficable areas. SureFlex increases slip resistance of foot traffic and vehicles while improving traction.

Just remember that the underlying surface must be firm enough and adequately drained to support the intended loads.

SureFlex comes in a 1m x 10m roll, which also includes a box of 100 SureFlex pins.

For an existing grassed surface (which will be most cases), simply mow the existing grass as short as you can, roll SureFlex over the area to be reinforced then pin it to the surface using the ground pins that come with each roll. Use regular pins at around 30cm intervals in each direction, keeping the mesh flat to the ground making sure there are no raised areas. Placed every 30cm in each direction, the 100 pins will cover each roll. You may need extra pins if you’re joining multiple rolls together as you don’t want to leave loose edges.

For new lawns, you can place and pin SureFlex after you’ve sewn the grass seed.

Your local bunnings store.

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