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Orange Safety SiltFence

About Product

Orange Safety SiltFence is a long-life, high visibility barrier against sediment run-off. Meeting the local authority requirements, this Silt fence is perfect for low-visibility situations or high-traffic areas where extra caution needs to be taken.

Your best quality investment in a highly visible, rot, UV and heat resistant and dimensionally stable, woven geotextile.

This fence is used as a means of retaining silt and sediment on construction zones allowing water to flow away and preventing silt polluting our waterways.

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Orange Safety SiltFence

1.0m x 50m

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Orange Safety SiltFence

1.3m x 50m

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Orange Safety SiltFence Install Guide

July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

In many areas it is a council requirement to prevent silt from washing from your site and into waterways.

Yes, download our installation instructions.

Orange SiltFence is for when a visual safety barrier is required as well.

1m x 50m & 1.3m x 50m.


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