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Garden Screens Beautify the Outdoors – SmartScreens

Garden Screens Beautify the Outdoors – SmartScreens

These days, using garden screens around the house not only adds value and style to your property, but they are an easy DIY project to install.  Strol SmartScreens are a decorative range of garden screens that come in three sizes, with a variety of inspirational designs that will enhance any outdoor space. With a multitude of uses, these easy-to-install screens will give that extra touch of class to your entertainment area. 

Add value with Decorative Screens 


A well thought-out, landscaped outdoor area can add significant value to your home, especially when nature and design converge. Some areas are designed for privacy, some areas are meant to be put on show. With SmartScreens, you can hide, shade or display areas of your home and garden, depending on the design of the screen and where they’re placed. 

Curious where to start? Let’s look at some inspirational uses for SmartScreens that will enhance your landscape at minimal cost. 

Bare walls and bland fences? Let’s fix that! 

Bare walls are like a blank canvas, but instead of just planting trees to cover them, turn your bland concrete walls or fence lines into works of art. Inspired by New Zealand’s native flora, Rust Steel SmartScreens can enrich your space with a modern rustic look, or complement your natural surroundings with our Roaring Stag or Leaping Salmon panels. Allow ivy or vines to wrap around the screens, seamlessly blending design with nature.  

SmartScreen Pohutakawa Fence Decoration

By adding connected designs and themes, it’s easy to section off areas of your patio. Attach the panels above or around seating, creating a mood where guests want to meet. If you want to create a themed garden, simply choose from our range of New Zealand flora and fauna designs, attach them to walls or create freestanding pieces of art that integrate with your garden. 

Need shade? Create something spectacular! 

Looking forward to BBQs on endless summer days? Nothing beats relaxing with friends on the back deck, just make sure you stay protected from the sun with our Louvre and Venetian designs. All screens provide various levels of block-out, but for simplicity and shade cover, these classic designs will give that essential piece of shade you and your guests require. 


Or take your shading project to the next level by creating a wooden pergola. It’s easy to attach SmartScreens to a timber frame, so you can build your own shade pergola in no time. Pergolas create great spots for outdoor entertaining and dining or use it as a relaxation retreat. They won’t rust, so SmartScreens will stand the test of time

Shelter your patio or deck from the wind! 

Is your garden exposed to the elements? Strol SmartScreens make a great wind shelter alternative to hedges, shrubs and trees. They don’t leave a mess with dropped leaves and take no time to maintain! They’re ideal to help shelter the windy side of your deck, or with the smaller sizes available, create targeted sheltered areas around plant boxes on your apartment balcony or garden. 


Privacy a problem? Let’s block out those neighbours! 

If you have a pool at home, if your outdoor area is exposed to the main street, or your neighbours are just too close for comfort, then privacy might already be on your mind. The Strol SmartScreen range encompasses a broad scope of block out values with a comprehensive collection of designs, allowing you to create an outdoor area you can feel comfortable in, no matter how close your neighbours are.  


SmartScreens are also great to block off changing areas for when you come back from the beach, or even to section off an outside shower, or spa. 

Out of sight, out of mind. 

Wheelbarrows. Rubbish bins. Garden hoses or that old tool shed. There’s always something you’d like to hide away but don’t have anywhere else to put it. SmartScreens can create hidden areas of your garden while still blending in with your overall design. Hide your wheelie bin or wheelbarrow by simply attaching a screen to an existing wall and tuck those unsightly items in behind. 

For more inspirational ideas visit Pinterest 

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