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How to Brighten up the Indoors With Decorative Screens

How to Brighten up the Indoors With Decorative Screens

SmartScreens aren’t just designed to be installed outside, they are also made to be decorative screens to brighten up the indoors. The smooth black and cedar finish can be painted any colour, or stained to create stunning works of art, perfect on any interior wall. Their versatility means they offer a wide range of creative options for your home, with even our Rust Steel designs being able to be used as indoor decorative screens. 

Separate large, open areas into cosy nooks


Using Strol SmartScreens decorative screens as dividing walls is a great way to divide up a large space yet still feel connected. Create zones within each sectioned space. Paint the screens bright colours, or keep the rich, oiled feel of wood for a more traditional look. No matter how you decide to break up your space, you’ll always feel you’re in your own private area without blocking off too much of the room. With various degrees of light passing through, we have a range of designs that will give the right balance of space and privacy. 

Bring the outdoors in 

SmartScreen Nikau Indoor Decoration

Inner-city apartments don’t often have room for a garden, but all-too-often they have bland walls either side of the balcony, or bare walls inside. Our SmartScreens can bring the essence of the outdoors into your apartment. Because the designs incorporate iconic New Zealand flora and fauna, it’s easy to soften the edge of your inner-city jungle with a functional indoor decorative screen that brings style.  

Fill that awkward, tall space  


Framed artwork can be expensive, especially if you have a large area opposite a staircase that cries out for something tall and thin. Strol SmartScreens are easy to install, can be used as a simple play on negative-space, or add colour or texture behind the design to create an interesting yet cost-effective art piece. 

Create a floor to ceiling feature wall


At 2.4m high, SmartScreens nestle perfectly into your home. By adding colour, texture, or even lighting in behind, they’re ideal for creating feature walls. Creative use of our SmartScreen range can help separate open plan living rooms from front entrance ways. One or two panels will give you that extra bit of privacy, while guests are greeted by a stunning feature wall the moment they enter your home. You could also run them on sliders to create moveable, see through walls.  


Enhancing your indoor living space and bringing the outdoors in with Strol SmartScreen decorative screens is super easy! Our large range of designs, sizes and colours are available at all leading DIY supply stores. Simply view our retailers page to purchase them today!