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Top 3 DIY Projects with SureWall

Top 3 DIY Projects with SureWall
1. Sandpit

What’s better than having a sandy playground in your backyard? Just imagine the joy of your little ones building a sandcastle and then cooling off in the pool afterwards. Kids love sandpits, and while it might seem like a big project, it’s probably one of the easiest DIY jobs you can achieve with SureWall.

SureWall is a DIY retaining system using posts or stakes. A sandpit can be quickly built to a single layer using timber sleepers and heavy duty sleeper stakes that require no more than stainless screws to install. This is a great cost-effective, temporary sandpit as it can be easily dismantled during the winter months, or relocated if you move homes. Otherwise, we recommend using SureWall posts concreted into the ground for a permanent, rigid solution.

We recommend timber capping when using SureWall posts, especially for children’s play areas, as sharp edges can cause injury if not installed correctly.

2. Raised Veggie Garden

It’s spring! There’s no time better to start planting your vege garden. Count on having those tomatoes ready in time for Christmas dinner with a flourish of other mouth-watering fruit and vegetables at your fingertips.

With the cost of produce rising at what seems like every other week, growing your own is becoming more appealing. Although doing this does require a lot of patience, with most fruit or vege taking between 40-100 days to grow. But once you get into the cycle of things, you can have valuable produce growing all year around.

Does the daunting task of actually creating the garden itself, finding a place to build it, buying the materials and wood, stop you from starting the project? There can be a lot to think about, especially if there’s no actual plot. Consider how easy it would be to buy four same sized timber sleepers, four posts or stakes, hammer it in and fill with soil. With SureWall it is as easy as that!

The SureWall system makes your life easier. By either using retaining posts or stakes, you can erect a raised garden almost anywhere you’d like, sometimes in a matter of minutes depending on the height and configuration. Stakes can help achieve a more temporary, single rail raised garden that can be easily dismantled without leaving too much mess, whereas the posts would work better for permanent multi-rail raised gardens, as again, these require the posts to be concreted into the ground.

3. In-Ground Trampoline

The possibilities with SureWall don’t end at raised gardens, retaining walls or sand pits. Be adventurous and try your hand at building an in-ground trampoline – much safer for kids and will ensure it doesn’t end up in the neighbours garden when the next storm hits!

An in-ground trampoline is an easy way to keep the kids busy and use up all their energy this summer, without even having to leave your home.

DIY Projects with SureWall

Think outside the box – SureWall sure will surprise you with its capabilities. Learn more about SureWall here.

SureWall is available from Mitre 10.