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Kitset Garden Beds – Get Creative with GardenStax

Kitset Garden Beds – Get Creative with GardenStax

Over the years, our sustainable GardenStax stackable system has become the kitset garden beds solution of choice. But GardenStax also provides the ultimate blank canvas for many other innovative garden projects.

Ever since New Zealand closed its borders at the start of 2020, Kiwis have focused their attention on one of three things: baking banana bread (or sourdough, depending on who you ask), hitting the hiking trails and… getting stuck in the garden.

It’s meme-worthy; no doubt. But to be fair, any of these three are beneficial to our well-being in more ways than we care to acknowledge. And while the looming drop in temperature is putting a pause to the hiking season, autumn is one of the most pleasant times of the year to tackle some garden projects.

So what garden ideas are you dreaming up?

Is your garden getting some extra fruit trees (Now’s a perfect time!)? Are you making a last-minute dash to put the spring bulbs in before it’s too late? Or maybe you’re contemplating a creative DIY project that will take your garden to the next level.

If that sounds like you, we have a few outstanding ideas for you!

See, over the years, our sustainable GardenStax stackable system has become quite the solution for anybody wanting to construct durable raised garden beds in a matter of minutes. But did you know the GardenStax prefab garden beds also provide the ultimate blank canvas for many other innovative garden projects?

We thought it’s time we spark some ‘Oh Yeah! I should do that!’

Vertical gardening: The only way is up!

We all know GardenStax are super easy to assemble. They can be built in any shape or form, and they are stackable to the height that works for you. You can even build them on a paved area, if that’s what’s needed.

But you can take that flexibility to a whole new level if you add a vertical element.

  • GardenStax tiered garden beds combine practical (easy access) and aesthetic (no ugly fence to look at) advantages when your garden bed is pushed up against a fence.
  • ‘Trellising’ the GardenStax kitset garden beds opens up a whole set of new options. When space is at a premium, a space-saving vertical garden can be just the thing for growing vine crops like tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumber, pumpkin, or zucchini. On top of minimizing space, you’re also allowing your vegetable babies to ventilate better. Goodbye to rotting tomatoes or zucchini!
  • Building on that same idea, GardenStax garden beds can also become the foundation of an interesting green wall that separates the patio from the play area.
  • Or how about using the GardenStax garden beds as a plant base to grow a green teepee for the kids? It can be as simple as 4 poles lashed together with a string to create the support. Can you imagine the smile on their faces?
Colour your world!

And while we’re in the business of raising happy offspring, we have some more creative ideas for little green fingers.

GardenStax kitset garden beds come in two finishes: natural wood finish or a black finish. But who says you need to settle on one of those two? It’s really easy to paint the natural option in the colour of your choice. And that’s where it gets exciting….

Because what a delight it is to share your love for gardening with your little ones!

It’s as simple as using a single GardenStax garden bed and transform it into a ladybug, a racing car or a rainbow.
Or take it another step up and arrange several garden beds in a free flow line and paint and decorate them according to the theme. The internet is rife with groovy ideas of garden beds in the shape of hungry caterpillars and choo-choo trains.

Build a DIY sandpit, paddle pool or sensory garden

And still we haven’t run out of inspiration for the little ones.

Admittedly, summer sunshine has been put on hold for the next few months, but to quote JFK: ‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining’.

Following his cue, the time to plan next summer’s fun is now. Not that you would hear us complaining. After all, anticipation is half the fun!

So insert a liner to the inside of your GardenStax assembled planting system and go wild on the décor! Who knew it could be that easy to build a one of a kind sandbox? Happy splashing and sand castle building is guaranteed.

Try our GardenStax Veggie Garden Calculator.

Create a compost bin that can be seen

Sometimes though, it’s time to get pragmatic.

Did you know GardenStax kitset garden beds also make perfect compost bins? With compostable plastic packaging increasingly becoming the norm, we all want to do our share. It makes sense to incorporate a quality compost bin in the garden. But who wants an unsightly eye-sore?

Nobody does. And you don’t have to!

Because GardenStax is made from high-quality heat treated timber, it lasts a good few years…even while holding rotting food scraps. But that of course doesn’t mean you can’t apply a coat of Metalex (this is a clear paint on wood preserver that won’t put nasties in your vegetables) for extra peace of mind.

Box It Up

The challenge with pool toys, garden furniture seat pads and random garden tools is alive and well. They’re useful and frustrating in equal amounts because they all need a home to live. The question is… where?

You guessed it!

It’s a doddle to transform the GardenStax kitset garden beds to an outdoor storage box.
All that’s needed is to stack a few GardenStax to the height you desire, add a plywood base and some wheels for easy manoeuvrability. To top it off (pun intended) build a lid in the right size.

Bob’s your uncle!

GardenStax kitset garden bed features

So with your hiking boots packed away for the season and the fam-fam well and truly over the non-stop provision of banana bread (Not again…!), we hope we’ve whetted your appetite for your next DIY garden project.

Just in case you need reminding, here are all the reasons GardenStax easy DIY garden beds are a brilliant choice:

  • High quality chemical free timber
  • Stackable
  • DurableSourced from renewable forestry
  • Easy installation
  • The options are endless!

Happy GardenStax project scheming!

You can buy GardenStax online through Mitre 10.