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Securing Weedmat with Pins & Pegs

Securing Weedmat with Pins & Pegs

We all know how frustrating it is when we have prepared our garden beds, laid out our ground cover then the wind starts blowing! The result – our weedmat has whirled all over the garden before we get the chance to cover with mulch. Even greater frustrations begin when planting on banked or sloped areas and our ground cover slides down the bank!

Securing Weedmat

When you don’t secure your ground cover to the earth below, it will move over time rising from beneath the mulch, stone or bark, becoming unsightly and unsafe.

What is the solution to keeping ground covers secured and in their place? Strol landscape pegs and pins!

Consider the application when choosing a landscape peg. What type of ground cover are you using? How big is the area you are covering? Is the terrain flat or sloped? These factors will determine whether you require a plastic peg or steel pin.

Strol range of landscaping pegs and pins are suitable for many scenarios where ground covers are required:

Weedmat Pins

Available in two different sizes; 130mm and 230mm. Strol Weedmat Pins Manufactured from robust 2.2mm spring steel, this prevents the staples from bending when being installed into hard ground. Can be used for a variety of fabrics. Made in New Zealand.


The large head & barbs on the SquarePeg makes it quicker and easier to install, providing superior holding power. Sturdy, impact-resistant head and shank to avoid breaking on installation. Manufactured from robust plastic. Made in the UK.

You can buy Weedmat Pins from Bunnings and SquarePeg from Bunnings.