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SmartPave is a residential grade of permeable paving used to stabilise decorative stones, pebbles or hoggin paths. Perfect for entranceway’s, patios, driveways, paths, courtyards or any paved area around your home.

The advanced honeycomb cell design with geotextile base ensures the panels stay buried, preventing stones moving while creating a flat, firm pavement ideal for pedestrians, cyclists and lighter vehicles.

SmartPave is a cost effective solution for any permeable paving project. Check if SmartPave is the right choice for your project using our Paving Calculator.

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Installing SmartPave for paths is easy – remove vegetation and topsoil to approximately 100mm. Add a bedding layer of sand or crusher dust and compact well. Install an edging on both sides of your path (we recommend PaveMaster). Lay panels, overlapping the geotextile backing and backfill with a decorative stone, 8-14mm in size.

Product Specs

Without reinforcement, gravel or decorative stones tend to be quite loose, sinking in and making simple things like riding a bike on it almost impossible. SmartPave locks stones in place, giving you the ability to ride bikes, wheelchairs and even wear heels on your surface without the fear of falling over – phew!
Strol SmartPave is manufactured in the European Union under stringent Quality and Environmental Control standards, including REACH (EC 1907/2006), and uses no glue, only thermally welded connections.





SmartPave Panel White

392mm x 764mm (0.3m²)

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SmartPave Panel White

1176mm x 1528mm (1.8m²)

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SmartPave Technical Specification Guide

September 2023

SmartPave Install Guide

July 2021

SmartPave Data Sheet

July 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartPave is suitable for light traffic use. Where there will be more than one vehicle using the area more than 2 or 3 times daily, or the area is being used as a turning space we would recommend a heavier grade of paving such as SurePave™.

42mm diameter.

To fill SmartPave, 50 litres or 75kg per m2.

The maximum grade we recommend SmartPave can be installed on is 20% (1 in 5) or 11 degrees, providing it is installed as per our standard installation guide.

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