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DIY veggie, herb or flower garden

DIY veggie, herb or flower garden

All over New Zealand people are getting used to living in lockdown. Employees have moved to remote work, supply companies have adapted to contactless supply, and in general more people are finding themselves stuck at home.

This is the perfect time to complete all those do it yourself (DIY) jobs that you never seem to have time to do and one eco-friendly and sustainable option is some home gardening! Flowers, herbs and vegetable gardening on balconies, decks, terraces, and on small sections of land has become increasingly popular.  People are reconnecting with nature and falling in love with plants all over again.

DIY Garden

A new trend in gardening is raised DIY garden beds, due to the ease of install and ability to customise to suit any backyard. Another bonus is being able to add height meaning no more bending over and sore backs when planting and maintaining your new gardens. This is evidenced by the growing demand for the stackable GardenStax raised garden system supplied by Strol.

All you need to do is to find the ideal spot to place your raised garden bed, assemble your GardenStax, fill with potting mix or compost, add fertiliser and you can plant anything! GardenStax is a raised DIY garden system that is easy to install, easy to stack and can be painted to any colour of your choice!

Easy to assemble and easy to grow

Let your imagination run wild with GardenStax raised garden beds. You can place them beside each other, stack them on top of each other, combine different sizes from large and small to customise your garden to make the perfect flower box on your deck or the best designed raised veggie garden in the neighbourhood. Even the Jones’s will be envious of your DIY herb garden.

Other DIY uses for GardenStax

GardenStax are very versatile for all sorts of uses. Use them as storage boxes for outdoor toys or for the kids toys in the rumpus room. Do you want to build your own compost bin? GardenStax are ideal for compost bins or hotbeds. They can also be used in greenhouses, or even a moving deck garden by attaching a base and wheels! The options are endless.

Key advantages

  • Convenience and ease of assembly and maintenance
  • Possibility to create a flower bed, herb garden or vegetable bed even in places where there is no soil
  • Possibility to adjust the height or the depth of the box
  • Environmentally friendly

GardenStax is available to buy from Mitre 10.