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Top 2 Garden Edging Products

Top 2 Garden Edging Products

If you are a keen green finger and have created garden beds, you will be familiar with one problem – lawn overgrowth can be a menacing problem if you haven’t installed garden edging!

Where once was a clear division between lawn and garden, this now seems to all be part of one amalgamation of lawn overtime slowly creeping onto your garden beds. Was edging something you may have overlooked when creating your garden? Skipping this one essential step can make the difference between a defined finished space and one that is a maintenance nightmare!

Benefits of Garden Edging

Garden edging establishes clean, crisp lines separating planted beds from your lawn and other areas of your property. Recycled plastic edging can form straight lines or beautiful curves for that perfectly manicured path or to define your turf or patio area. The versatility of edging is limited only by your imagination. Think outside the square and why not create a shrub hedge, decorative flower border or a single tree feature?

1. Terrace Board

Terrace Board provides a textured, wood grained look to your landscape edging. Create a raised layer of mulch, rocks or soil. This product is made of strong, recycled plastic and will showcase your landscaping for years. Control and contain all of your hard work with the subtle but versatile Terrace Board.

Terrace Board is available from Mitre 10.

2. PaveMaster

Used for both traditional concrete paving and permeable paving, Pavemaster comes in two variations, the original Pavemaster, for projects that are predominately curves, and Pavemaster Max for projects that are predominantly straight lines. Pavemaster Max can be used on curves by cutting out the webs to allow it to bend.

PaveMaster is available from Mitre 10.

Strol garden edging is vital to prevent garden soil or mulch in gardens from spilling onto the lawn whenever you water, or it rains. The benefits only continue; by defining your garden spaces with edging, maintenance is easier! No more lawnmower accidents, travelling off course and ending up in the garden!

When considering a garden edging, it is important to choose the one best for your garden.