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Reinforce Garden Paths – SmartPave

Reinforce Garden Paths – SmartPave

When winter arrives and delivers its unrelenting lineup of rain, cooler temperatures and soggy ground underfoot, it makes you aware the simple tasks of navigating to the clothesline or merely getting a cauli from the garden can become quite an expedition.

Reinforce garden paths

These pain points during winter can cause additional challenges that historically would have been solved by laying a concrete surface. What if you wanted a more natural, sustainable surface? Innovative permeable pavers sit cleverly below the surface holding the stones in place to create a firm, functional pavement that is safe even for stiletto wearers.

Sound like a better option?

smartpave bark filled

Benefits of SmartPave

The fantastic benefits of SmartPave start with the natural aesthetics above the surface and continue with the permeability below the surface. This free draining paving system allows water to be fully absorbed into the soil stopping excess water runoff to stormwater channels and ensures the surface remains stable and dry. With the stones locked in place, there is no movement which prevents unsightly potholes and rutting from turning vehicles. No more rolling stones!

So where do you start? With costs soaring when hiring contractors, you could be discouraged from attacking those essential projects to keep your feet dry this winter. What if we told you SmartPave installation was easy and can be achieved by an able DIYer? It is! You can achieve a professional finish with permeable paving, a simple path to the clothesline can be completed in a weekend!

Paver Selection Guide


Put those gumboots away and enjoy your impeccable looking property without the headache of soft, muddy ground. SmartPave is a sustainable product that is manufactured from 100% recycled raw materials in a certified green solution factory and can reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing a permeable pavement, it is the smarter choice for your environment.

With SmartPave you create an eco-friendly, natural pavement that is timeless.

SmartPave is available from Mitre 10.